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One-stop Human Resource Management Solution

Employee Master Data

Reflects the dynamic status of human resources and thus supports decision-making.

Org Structure

Integrate internal resources from the perspective of organizing framework to support decision making and achieve stated objectives.

Group Management

Enhance the overall operational efficiency to gain competitive edge.

Compensation and Benefits

Support different compensation and benefits policies and rules with powerful functionalities and flexible architecture so that it can efficiently help you deal with bulk data and eliminate human errors.

Attendance Tracking

The challenges of attendance tracking management include the need for flexible shift or roster plans and real-time attendance monitoring and analysis.

Budget Management

Be able to forecast and track the enterprise future labor cost, conduct fast calculation and meet various budgeting managerial requirements in all dimensions.

Recruitment Management

Command every part of recruitment management process to allocate HR department human and material resources and budget reasonably.

Training Management

The competitions of enterprises in the last analysis are talents’ competition. Employee training plays a very important role in promoting enterprise’s manpower capital.

Performance Management

Provide comprehensive HRM solution based on different period and performance types and arouse the employee enthusiasm to achieve talent incentive and retaining goal.

Employee Self-service

Boost the stable and rapid development of enterprises by improving the efficiency of internal communication.

Mobile Application

Have access to making decisions and approvals anytime and anywhere.

Workforce Management

Focus on large chain enterprises to support critical processes to implement workflow integration.

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