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Group Management

The group management of human resource is one of the main concerns for top level management. Its plurality and diversity challenge enterprise to optimize human resource allocation to realize group management. A unified HRM system intra group should be established where the parent company can immediately grasp first-hand information from subsidiary and convey the spirit of the central. Only in this way can it easily realize group management of multi-branches.

Group management module is a fully web-based system that can support your multi-branch company and remote access to the human resource information for field employees. You can access to, inquire and obtain the information you need at any time, at any place. The flexible configuration can support your branches at different locations to set and deploy proper management strategies and reporting processes according to local laws and regulations as well as culture and customs to help your enterprise enhance the overall operational efficiency to gain competitive edge.

Group Information Management

Support the configuration and maintenance of basic information by headquarter divisions and department levels. User can also customize filed to set parameters.

To realize central management, Platinum HRM 8.3 defines which employees are applicable to which payroll rules, and time and attendance rules in your company.

Set up different compensation, benefits and attendance policies for different branches under the head quarter.

Fully meet the Hong Kong SAR business and statutory requirements such as Mandatory Pension Fund (MPF), Inland Revenue reporting and auto pay functions to many Hong Kong banks. One system can support your operations in both mainland China and Hong Kong.

The new feature of “Company Calendar Management” can set up groups of company calendars and be effectively associated with payroll system.

Security and System Tools

Multi-level of security controls.

Macro management and system management tool functions.

The user can set up automation reminder and define reminding frequency.

Corporation Information Setup

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