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Performance Management

A rational talent incentive and retaining system plays an important role for enterprise in increasing competitiveness, realizing continuous development and highlighting enterprise culture and employee cohesive force. Employee performance system is an essential part for HR department to achieve this goal.

The Performance Management module is applied to quantification management and data summarization for the key performance plans like KPI, BSC and MBO etc. It can set different performance models to match corresponding training requirement so as to trace the appraisal results, which is helpful to provide comprehensive HRM solution based on different period and performance types and arouse the employee enthusiasm to achieve talent incentive and retaining goal.

Performance Setup

Support various performance dimensions for different appraisees.

Define various email templates for users.

Maintain an external personnel list.

Performance Indicators

Set indicator pool for unified management of indicators.

User definable indicator content, level, valid time, appraisal approach etc.

User definable recommendatory training courses.

Performance Indicator Group

User definable diverse performance types, like year-end performance, probation performance, technical staff appraisal, etc.

Multiple performance items based on type of performance group.

User definable indicator weight and appraiser weight based on performance group.

Performance Plan

User definable performance plan, like periodic or aperiodic performance.

Chooses appropriate appraisee group according to specific appraisal plan.

Direct supervisor is appointed as Appraiser by default, and user can make changes if necessary.

Notify the launch of performance plan by using E-mail.

Weighted average on self-evaluation, manager and peer evaluation.

Capability to define important milestone with a reminder.

Capability to appraise different indicators in the same cycle.

Performance Result

Input performance results based on performance plan or appraisee type.

Intelligently generate Excel templates based on different performance plans.

Conduct offline performance by using Excel template and support data import and export.

Automatically generate performance results according to fitted performance weight.

Capability to match the recommended training courses by the performance result.

Easy to inquire performance status and results.

Permit slight adjustment to the formula-based results.

Performance History

HR administrator can inquire performance history.

Performance history can be inquired by performance plan or appraisee. Results can be printed and saved for filing.

Performance Indicator Group

Performance Indicators

Performance Result

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