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Mobile Application

With the unceasing development of enterprise's informatization and management, the traditional PC-based information application system is not adapted to the modern office needs. It demands urgent and immediate attention for enterprises to create an efficient, fast and safe information environment leveraging the advantages of mobile devices, which make it easy to access to system anytime and anywhere.

Platinum Mobile is a mobile office system based on Platinum HRM and ESS Workflow to realize HR informatization management, taking portable devices such as mobile phone, tablet pc as its main form and carrier. The new mobile solution will enable employees quickly and conveniently deal with affairs and not limited by time and place, thus effectively expedite the efficiency of internal communication and operations. Users can directly use their mobile devices landing on the client side to complete a series of tasks. Meanwhile, the executive have the access to making decisions and approvals anytime and anywhere.

Notice Board

User can view company notices within one's authority.

User can get notifications via “Push” technology within one's authority.

Notices can vertically scroll to prevent omission.

Unread message can be marked with red dot.

Address Book

User can view the contact list.

User can quickly find colleagues via search for employee code, name, department and position, etc.

User can visit various open information of colleagues, such as picture, employee code, department, position, cell phone and E-mail, etc.

User can make a dial, send SMS or email to colleagues via mobile device.

My Payslip

Access with finger password guarantees data security.

Monthly income sheet is consistent with that of HRM system.

User can check personal payroll for the month as well as historic.

User can check total annual income for the year as well as historic.

User can check annual income pie chart, including net, deduction item, income tax, individual and social welfare.

User can check detailed annual income category by clicking on each part of the pie chart.

My Leave

User can view personal balance of annual leave entitlement in the prior year.

User can view personal annual leave entitlement for current year.

User can view personal balance of annual leave entitlement for current year.

User can view the pending annual leave applications.

My Application

Built-in” OT Application” and “Leave Application” templates.

User can apply OT and leave applications.

User can view personal apply results such as approval, rejection and in progress.

Workflows in progress can be marked with red dot.

User can apply to revoke workflows in progress or completed.

User can check workflow status.

My Approval

Workflows in progress can be marked with red dot in navigation page and pending page.

Supervisor can approve or reject workflow under one's authority.

Supervisor can view workflow status such as approval, rejection and in progress under one's authority.

Quickly search approval history.

Mobile Check-in

Support pinpoint and track via mobile device.

Support one click check-in anytime and anywhere.

User can add remarks.

User has access to individual historical check-in information.

Account Options

User can customize personal avatar.

User can select preferred system language.

User can revise the logon password.

User can revise the finger password.

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