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Workforce Management

Hit with the double whammy in raw material price and domestic labor costs, the corporate operational costs climb largely. It poses a brand-new challenge and opportunity to the operational competency, especially for chain service enterprises.

In such a situation, how to effectively manage employee time and improve labor productivity have become the pain-points for enterprises management. Many employers began to re-examine their own management in the main production factors and actively explore new improvement ways of labor management. Platinum WFM management solutions focus on large chain enterprises to support their critical processes to implement workflow integration.

Flexible Attendance Modes

GPS positioning and checking attendance.

QR codes scan attendance.

Wifi devices access attendance.

Multiple Workflow Integration

On-boarding process.

Turnover application process.

Punch application.

Cancel the process for early leave/late arrive.

Leave/OT application process.

Staff transfer and reinforce application and management.

System Features

Flexible scheduling via shortcuts, such as drag and copy.

Accurate analysis in abnormal attendance data.

Seamless connection with Platinum HRM Workshop accesses a real-time reminder to HR department.

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