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Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits management is one of cores functions of human resource management. Facing the enormous payroll data, it's of the utmost importance to carry out available statistical analysis relating with employee turnover or promotion to submit high-quality salary report rapidly.

The powerful functionalities and flexible architecture of Compensation and Benefits module can support different compensation and benefits policies and rules so that it can efficiently help you deal with bulk data, eliminate human errors and greatly reduce the process time. Besides, payroll lock, C&B module's new function, can improve the data security and accuracy, and make the responsibilities and rights clear during the compensation and benefits management processes.

At several key points during payroll processing, payroll lock, Platinum HRM provide data submission and lock prior to the salary data preparation, calculation and distribution. Those lock functions can apply to the pay scope of employee, data preparation, payroll policies, and salary calculation results reviewing. Those lock functions make the responsibilities and user rights much clearer during the payroll processing and ensure the calculation results safe without being modified intentionally.

The payroll lock functions can be chosen for implementation according to user's requirements.

Payroll and Related-data Processing

Calculate salary for monthly, semi-monthly, hourly, piece-worker, part-time, laid-off, retired or expatriate employee categories.

Calculates Pension Fund, Housing Accumulated Fund, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Fund, Disposable Bonus Tax, and Mandatory Pension Fund as required by different regulations.

Unlimited user defined Allowance & Deductions Classes.

Supports tax allocation methods defined by different tax policies.

Calculates different types of overtime and shift compensation.

User definable and unlimited leave types with employee leave salary calculation capabilities.

Provides a variety of overtime records and leave records inputting methods.

Allocation program distributes payroll costs to Cost Centers for General ledger integration.

Support payroll template export to facilitate batch import via data modification.

Payroll Roll Analysis provides rationality of employee's salary according to the preset parameters.

The new payroll lock function ensures the accuracy of the data and eliminates human errors, applicable to the mainland and Hong Kong.

Support the minimum-wage legislation in Hong Kong.

Applicable to the latest IIT table and tax policy.

Employee Payroll Information

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